Panoramic Lush

by Tribe Jackson

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This Is War 03:49
In the clear, marching through the rubble The scattered shrapnel the exit near. But for now, the smoke is settling, sounds become friendly, Colors reappear. This is war. This is mind over matter. This is war. Don’t collapse. Start off small. Then build up taller. Spread out stronger. Just relax. If it falls. Start off smaller, then build up taller. Return home, overwhelms the senses, Construct your fences, the silence is new. With each day, a chance to move on, the past is fading, The freedom true.
Bleach 03:42
You pen the pages of my dreams, cake frosting blue haired heartless queen. Traveling through and in between these violet, vital veiny streams. A sunrise dragon breathing flames, will you grace me with your name? Simply sweet your hot, hot heat, a swallow's chorus on repeat. I've been asleep in here for years. Amateur alliteration coaxing out my fears. Is everything imagined real or fake? I'm gonna bleach this brain and let innocence wake. Each kiss stains cherry apple wine, Velvet mementos line my mind. Undressing hauntings for my eyes, these moments unwind, recombine. Concussion comatose dense haze, a sponge to soak up rainy days. Furnish this hidden hallow place, splash with serene pallets of paint.
Get It Right 03:44
I’ve been here a few times before, Your coldest silence had shut the door. Sitting here in the storm by candle light, One flame flickers throughout the night. By sunrise, I’ll have my mind right, Just in time, To lose it all over again, In spite of trying so god damn hard. I’m gonna get it right. Most nights when I look back on the past, Things that felt like forever flew by fast. If times so fickle I regret my regrets, Stop me right now, cause I stopped making sense. By sunrise, I’ll have my mind right.
Mist, the warm summer rain, A lively looping jingle, Floods away the day. Heat, that is felt and seen, A sticky colorful residue, To show its here to stay. These middle months of the year, Are like a little brother begging to be taught Oh please, please, please just give me something, Give me something new. Sun, always sets to soon, I don’t have room for the moon. There is no time to waste. Goodnight, wish I had lucid dreams, To make up for lost time, That is eaten by sleep Tick tock dont surrender your clock, too much. Don’t stop, panoramic lush.
Theres a paper mountain piling up beneath my calendar. Filled with plans made to preoccupy me and little reminders. See I’ve been making little changes but usually I’m just getting stuck. Now I’m looking forward to the day when I awake and all my change has added up. Cause I’m getting there, I’m almost ready, I can taste it on my tongue. And I don’t care, I’m in no hurry, I’ll be fine some time in this millennium. I hear my phone ring, it’s an old friend and I don’t want to answer. There is nothing new to say, I hope they’re ok, I’m not up for banter. But soon enough I’ll make the effort and I’ll get it all together. Its just these past few months have been out of control, its starting to feel like forever. As far as stories go, this ones been told, Its hundreds of years old. As far as lessons learned, this ones been earned, everyone takes their turn. Everyone takes their turn.


Panoramic Lush was recorded in the summer of 2014 by Tribe Jackson.


released May 25, 2015

All songs written by Tribe Jackson.
Guitar, Keyboard, Synthesizer, Vocals by Keith
Bass, Keyboard, Additional Vocals by Brett
Percussion and Additional Vocals by Daniel

All songs recorded by Tribe Jackson
Engineered by Brett and Keith
Programmed by Brett and Keith
Mixed by Brett, Keith, and Daniel
Mastered by Brett, Keith, and Daniel

Album cover photo by Dustin Roddy
Designed and Edited by Tribe Jackson
Special thanks to Kevin, Dustin, and Sam for helping us with videos and photos to support this album!


all rights reserved



Tribe Jackson Baltimore, Maryland

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