The '72 Demos

by Tribe Jackson

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Distance 04:16
Distance: Did it make up for speed? Take us back, rewind the tape, feel the touch of each other's warm embrace. DIstance: Did it make up for time? Not only did it make our love closer, made it more real than ever to me. Day to day the colors and the shapes Look the same without you Just a meaningless palette to me. Promise Never to let the rope slip Hold on tight, don't let my mind Feel the gust beneath its weathered wings. Taken All the fear from us Steady the ship, we'll find our way, direct the path and bring us clarity.
Emerald Isle 03:46
I've been waiting my whole life Just to pen the words to make worthwhile A song for her to hear and known that I care Needed those pensive hooks to find my emerald isle out there Let go. Mend. Let it take us over now. Let's go, free we can open that door, yeah. We took comfort in the home we had made. Wrapped ourselves in each other's embrance. Never selfish we'd never stray. I can see my future with you in frame. Together, we could forever be even with our past pains.
Libertine 03:33
Were we always innocent now or were we just green? Took an open book by the hand you were a libertine. Veering off course we began to lose ourselves. We could feel nothing at all it was a hopeless dream. Oh, we know. Will we spend all our days getting back to that place, Where we left all we carry now at bay? Will we break dawn today to remove all the weight, Of all our yesterday's now far away? Remembering the dawn of our youth, we grew up with fire. Where did the us that we knew fall into this spiral? Veering off course, we already lost ourselves. Feeling wreckless, careless, and all, I felt our souls careen.
Love Again 02:53
How did we end up this way? Same picture, but different frame. Took for granted all the times that we had. Couldn't get our hearts back to the start. Oh no, I can be a better man than this. Oh no, you made me like I never had. No. I know that we can love again. We took our whole lives for granted. Ignored the best for second chances. So afraid to leap because of the fall. No patience left with a broken heart.


I've always felt it was important to know where a song came from. Whenever I hear a new favorite song, I always ask myself, "What did this sound like when the artist first demo'd the idea?" These are the ideas Dan and Keith helped me bring to life -- something I always dreamed of doing with this band. I hope those of you who have heard these songs live enjoy an alternative version of them, and everyone can enjoy a candid view into how we do what we do.
- Brett


released March 23, 2019




Tribe Jackson Baltimore, Maryland

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